Many Italian dishes are easily adapted to vegan recipes and this is one – just don’t add the cheese.

I saw a tempting recipe recently by Simona Giacobbi, the author of the beautiful blog Pasta Loves Me (Italian and English).  The dish is from Bari and is called Spaghetti all’Assassina/Lady Assassin Spaghetti (hello, Kill Bill!!).  It is   delicious and fiery.  It is meant to come out crunchy, but mine didn’t because 1) I used bucatini and they’re thicker (it’s what I had)  and 2) I used a cast iron casserole instead of a pan and there wasn’t enough air to create the burnt bits around each strand.  I, of course, added asafoetida, which helps me digest wheat gluten, and skipped the sugar because I like the tomatoey acidity. The cooking method was novel to me: 2-3 minutes in the roiling boil and then the rest in the red sauce.  It was very fast and the sauce clings to the pasta in a way that made me an instant convert.  Grazie, Simona!!


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