Here, Mondays are stir fry days (to atone for the weekend’s excesses).  Before marinating the tofu (firm or extra firm), follow these instructions – simple boiling and cooling – to optimise the texture of the tofu. Here is a very simple and tasty marinade for tofu:

  • tamari (I prefer its flavour to soy, but any other type of soy works also) – only as much as needed to colour all the tofu plus 1-2 Tablespoons more (a total of a few tablespoons, not cups)
  • a quarter of a teaspoon (if that!) of palm sugar (for no other reason that it tastes delicious, but any sugar/syrup will do)
  • turn the tofu in the marinade from time to time and
  • marinate for at least 10 minutes or prepare this marinade and tofu in the morning and cook in the evening (that’s what I do)

Use very little oil in a non-stick pan to fry up nice and crispy, then add vegetables.  The palm sugar helps give a lovely crunchy crust to the tofu (see here for end result) and that’s a nice touch combined with the vegetables.


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