Gorse, a subfamily of peas, is a green shrub that is currently in full yellow bloom in the Highlands, Scotland. It grows all over and it is relatively invasive. Nevertheless, the yellow blooms are lovely.

I recently learned from the lovely and talented Elizabeth at The Wee Croft Shop, that gorse flowers are edible (breads, cakes, tea, salad). First, Mr. GoodEating and I tasted them raw and liked them. The taste was a bit chlorophyl-ly with nutty after notes. So, off I went to collect a handful and decided to make bread.

Here are the lovely flowers I collected, approximately 50-60g.


And this is the mess I made… Sad. Oh well. If they’re still flowering when I’m next up in the Highlands, I will try them in muffins or light and fluffy cake. The flowers deserve better.


Veganism is not a limitation in any way. It’s an expansion of your love, your commitment to nonviolence, and your belief in justice for all. ~ G. Francione


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