Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this week’s broadcast of Emi’s Good Listening on North Highland Radio!! The show is broadcast on Sundays from 20:00 to 21:00 British time. It’s always so much fun.

This week’s theme was indi/alt Scottish bands. It was not easy to pick a dozen of the best when Scotland’s music scene is just so excellent. I hope you like what I’ve chosen and check out the links for tunes and videos (where available).

Have a brilliant Hogmanay and wishing you all the best for the new year.

Tune in next week. The theme (close to my heart): Girl Bands!!!

Here’s the podcast:

And this week’s playlist (band, song):

1. Alasdair Roberts & Karine Polwart, Captain Wedderburn’s Courtship
2. Tuff Love, Slammer
3. The Pictish Trail, Handstand Crowd
4. James Yorkston, Great Ghosts
5. The Phantom Band, Clapshot
6. Belle and Sebastian, If You’re Feeling Sinister
7. King Creosote, Bluebelle, Cockleshell, 123
8. We Were Promised Jetpackse, Quiet Little Voices
9. The Aliens, Rox
10. The Fratellis, Chelsea Dagger
11. Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out

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13 replies on “This week’s broadcast: Indie/Alternative Scottish Music

  1. Chelsea Dagger is pure genius. I am sure any live performance would be a rather interesting experience. Take Me Out will, of course, never become a tired song. Let it begin many a house party…

  2. It’s so great to hear Pictish Trail and The Aliens (especially Rox, first song I ever heard of theirs) on local radio. Missed it as I only found your show for the all girls episode, but enjoyed the archive of this one. There are so many good, often overlooked, Scottish indie/alt bands, I hope you do another of these in the future.

  3. Oops, I never did let you know some of my favourites. I started making a list back then and couldn’t narrow them down to just a few, then forgot about it during deliberation. Then today someone mentioned you and that reminded me that I hadn’t done this yet. – My Latest Novel – Astrid – Camera Obscura – Mogwai (settling on just one song to link to was very, very hard)

    And so many more but I don’t want to bog you down with dozens. Then there’s my favourite band, Wolfstone, who are sort of local but they’re not indie/alt anyway so they wouldn’t have qualified.

    1. Brill! Cheers! I’ll listen to Wolfstone too – indie/alt is a broad category in my view, so it may work. I played Tuff Love (again) last night on the New Releases show. So. Good.

      1. I heard! It was a good show too. As was tonight’s with Laura (who I met on Saturday and said you’d be on tonight), ignoring the tech gremlins that seem to be following you around.

        Wolfstone are celtic folk/rock. If you do check them out, could I recommend The Howl, Gillies, Braes of Sutherland and Glenglass?

        You mentioned living in Jersey for a while and working at your college station. Just wondering, did you ever listen to wfmu? Or know of it?

  4. Thanks, KM! Laura told me the whole story and that she met you!! Awesome!!

    Yess…. those tech gremlins… grrr…. ah well. Thanks for not giving up and I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed both shows.

    I’m just now playing Wolfstone on Spotify. I really like it! How did I miss them? They’ve been going on forever. OK. I’ll have to fit them in somewhere. My internet in the wilds of the Black Isle has been soooo painfully slow that it’s flat out refused to even open YouTube. So, that’ll have to wait. Thanks for all your suggestions once again.

    As for WMFU, you bet I listened to it!! I haven’t done so in years, I must admit. Do you listen to it on the internet? I bet they love that they have a listener in the Highlands.

    1. Yeah I’ve been listening to wfmu online for about nine years. It’s my favourite thing in the world and where I get a lot of my taste in music from. I’ve never met anyone else who knows it exists though. I have a wfmu hoodie I’ll sometimes wear, wondering if anyone will recognise it and say something, but no one ever has. 😦

      It’s actually wfmu that drew me to your show when I saw your archive playlists. I know of the Pictish Trail only from being played on a wfmu show years ago, which also frequently played Alistair Roberts who you also played.

      Very glad to hear you like Wolfstone. I think one or two members even came from the Black Isle.

      1. You go! That’s brilliant. I’m sure an FMU fan has crossed your path. Maybe they were just too polite to say anything!! Maybe not too many up here though.

        Also check out (another radio station) NPR’s All Songs Considered, if you haven’t already. I’ve gravitated towards that over the last several years because I like some of the other NPR programming, but you’re now making me think about FMU and I’ll have to put them on my internet radio faves again.

        Oh and check out Pictish Trail’s label, Lost Map records, definitely a good source of excellent music, again, unless you’ve done so already.

  5. Ta. I’ll check out All Songs Considered. I’ve never listened to NPR before, though I often hear mention of it on other things I listen to. So much to listen to, four radio stations and countless podcasts, and not enough hours for them all! But I’ll squeeze in some All Songs Considered soon.

    I don’t have facebook but it looks like I can view it without an account so I’ll have a look in now and then.

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