Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this week’s broadcast of Emi’s Good Listening on North Highland Radio.

This week’s theme was New Releases. I hope you like what I’ve chosen and check out the links for tunes and videos (where available).

Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions for themes.

Tune in next week for a dip into my archives.

Here’s the podcast:

And here’s the playlist for this week (artist, song):
1. Francisco The Man, Progress
2. Siskiyou, Deserter
3. Viet Cong, Continental Shelf
4. Legends of Country, It’s a Long Way Back from a Dream
5. The Dø, Trustful Hands
6. Ghost Culture, Giudecca
7. Joanna Gruesome & Perfect Pussy, Psykick Espionage
8. Nick Hakim, I Don’t Know
9. bis, Social Dancing
10. The Fat White Family, I Am Mark E Smith
11. Kitty Daisy & Lewis, Baby Bye Bye
12. Malcolm Middletonn & David Shrigley, A Toast [WARNING: foul mouthed lyrics]
13. Bonus/Easter Egg/Unannounced track: Al Hassidi Terei, Songhoy Blues

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