Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this week’s broadcast of Emi’s Good Listening on North Highland Radio.

If you heard a second voice towards the end there… yes, that was a guest appearance by one of my cats. It couldn’t be helped and he couldn’t be dissuaded!

This week’s theme was The Archives (late 80s/early 90s version). A special show dedicated to all my old friends at WMCX 88.9FM and my partner in crime, Michka.

I hope you like what I’ve chosen. Some weird stuff happening with the levels on the first couple of songs, but it sorts itself out. Still learning to operate the music spaceship!

Let me know if you have any requests or suggestions for themes.

Here’s the podcast:


Here’s this week’s playlist (artist, song):
1. The Wonder Stuff, Welcome to the Cheap Seats
2. Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, Shoppers’ Paradise
3. Matthew Sweet, Divine Intervention
4. PJ Harvey, Rid of Me
5. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Grey Cell Green
6. Portishead, Glory Box
7. World Party, Thank You World
8. Fishbone, Party At Ground Zero
9. Siouxsie And The Banshees, Cities In Dust
10. Consolidated, Brutal Equation
11. Bonus/Easter Egg/Unannounced track: Pogues, Dirty Old Town

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