Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this week’s broadcast of Emi’s Good Listening on North Highland Radio.

This was my first live broadcast in quite some time and it was such fun despite the few hiccups here and there.

New technology – hardware and software – for this week too so there is the inevitable (for me) weird stuff happening with the levels on the first couple of minutes, but then it’s sorted… UPDATE: unfortunately, the recording is not complete. There internet services in the north Highlands can be spotty and we have had a dreadful time of it lately (I’m taken back to AOL dial-up days when I had to slowly type out an email because even the words were buffered back then… and now!). Still learning to operate the music spaceship!

It’s time for another edition of New Releases.

Some great stuff this month. Have a listen and check out the song/video (where available).

Here’s the podcast [partial recording, unfortunately]:

And here’s the playlist for this week (artist, song):

  1. Zun Zun Egui, African Tree
  2. Emmy The Great, Swimming Pool
  3. Sleater-Kinney, Bury Our Friends
  4. Andrew Combs, Rainy Day Song
  5. American Wrestlers, I Can Do No Wrong
  6. Liam Hayes, Fokus
  7. Tuff Love, That’s Right
  8. Hanny El Khatib, Moonlight
  9. BC Camplight, Just Because I Love You
  10. Duke Garwood, Heavy Love
  11. Diagrams, Gentle Morning Song
  12. The Charlatans, So Oh
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