Thanks for joining me tonight on North Highland Radio​. This week’s theme was Mermaids/Sirens/Lorelei – water nymphs, whether it’s sea or river. It’s incredible how much they still draw us to them. So much good stuff to pick from. I hope you had fun listening.

Here’s the podcast: 

Here’s the playlist (artist, tune) and check out the videos I’ve linked.

1 & 2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds​, Mermaids and Wide Lovely Eyes
3. Pogues​, Lorelei
4. Cocteau Twins​, Lorelei
5. Patti Smith​ & Johnny Depp​, The Mermaid
6. Sweet Soubrette​, Siren Song
7. Fisherman, Nereidas (Sea Nymphs)
8. Sankofa​, Siren Song, Pt. 2
9. Paul Weller​, Mermaids
10. Reverend And The Makers​, Mermaids
11. Flying Lotus​, Siren Song (feat. Angel Deradoorian​)
12. Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, Mermaid Song
13. Stranded Mermaid​, In the Jaws of the Wolf
14. The Ghost Inside​, Siren Song


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