Thanks for joining me for this week’s edition of Emi’s Good Listening on North Highland Radio. Our theme was Science – from Earth science, genetics, physics, astrophysics, Hawkings, Einstein and Tesla… all in song. Check out the linked videos, especially to the more vintage tunes.

Here is the podcast:

Here is the playlist (artist, tune).
1. System of a Down, Science
2. Laurie Anderson, Big Science
3. Beastie Boys, Intergalactic (a classic video)
4. Billy Bragg, The Space Race is Over
5. X-Ray Spex, Genetic Engineering
6. Blondie, Atomic
7. Magazine, Physics
8. Jarvis Cocker, Quantum Theory
9. Pantha Du Prince, Quantum
10. Solemn Camel Crew, The Ballad of Steven Hawking (Ep. 2)
11. Allo Darlin’, Dear Stephen Hawking (I love this one)
12. Landscape, Einstein a Go-Go (get your leg warmers and neon out)
13. They Might Be Giants, Tesla (amazing 8mm video, set aside 20+ minutes… absolutely worthwhile)

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