PicFrameThanks for tuning into my final broadcast on North Highland Radio. It has been such a delight to be on the air again after a long long absence. I’ve met some lovely folks and, as always, the music draws me out and about, literally and figuratively.

The show may continue … somewhere … watch this space for updates. Good night Lovely Listeners from the Highlands and Beyond xx

Here is the podcast:

And here is the playlist (artist, song) with linked videos where available (or tunes):

  1. Sacred Paws, Vince
  2. Tuff Love, That’s Right
  3. Warpaint, Love is to Die
  4. Panda Bear, Mr. Noah
  5. Zun Zun Egui, African Tree
  6. Diagrams, Gentle Morning Song
  7. The War on Drugs, Red Eyes
  8. flies + flies, Later On
  9. GoGo Penguin, Hopopono
  10. Kiasmos, Looped
  11. The Dø, Trustful Hands
  12. Matthew E. White, Take Care My Baby
Posted by:Emi'sGoodEating

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