It’s a long holiday weekend and this is the perfect porridge for it – oats and quinoa with fruit, berries or rhubarb… up to you!

Emi's Good Eating

I love porridge made in any way, whether sweet or a bit salty, thick, runny or even almost raw with the oat flakes just lightly absorbing soy/almond/coconut milk or water. I have some form of porridge every day, usually three tablespoons of oat bran with a tablespoon of flax or linseeds (or mix of linseeds and goji berry – basically, whatever I can find and/or is on sale).

But the weekend porridge, well… that’s totally different. It is a mix of oats, quinoa (which is a seed so has lots of protein) and dried apricots. You could add a variety of other fruits/nuts as well, but I like to keep it simple.

Recently, because it is in season, we added rhubarb, which gave the porridge a tangy edge to the creamy and sweet breakfast. Or you could make an easy rhubarb compote, with just a bit of water, sweetener and rhubarb boiled…

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