Each year around this time, we prepare our special Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding. Here is our recipe for the best Christmas Cake you will have.

We have tried, tested and improved the recipe over the years. The cake has been a huge hit with everyone who has tasted it, including avowed fruit cake dislikers, and whether in the UK or otherwise (the cake travels with us wherever we may be at Christmas).

This recipe is boozy! If you will not make it boozy, then you will need to prepare the cake closer to the time you intend to eat it, otherwise it will be too dry.

Happy baking, Christmas and all Winter holidays.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or any other Winter holiday, do the right thing: let All beings live. You can go vegan right now.

Emi's Good Eating

Christmas Cake has its origins in 16th century England. Oliver Cromwell even banned it for a while! Of course, we have the Victorians to thank for the creative winter scenes that adorn the top of the cake.

For the last many Christmases, Mr. GoodEating and I have been making our own Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding. We bring these festive treats wherever we may be celebrating Christmas. Before making ours, I never liked fruit cakes, but these… oh these are totally different and utterly delicious. They last forever, so you will be tucking into them until Spring, if there are any leftovers.

Generally, we prepare ours in September or October, giving us plenty of time to “feed” the cake brandy (or cognac) and letting it mature. It can be made later, of course.

Set aside 5 hours to prepare and bake the cake (and that’s apart from the time necessary…

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