Vegan fish pie with cheesy mashed potato top.

This is a perfect dish for autumn or winter Sundays.

Emi's Good Eating

Fish pies in Britain have their origins in the Christian practice of “fasting” days, particularly during Lent, when “fasting” did not necessarily mean not eating, rather it meant not eating meat. Fish was the substitute for those who could afford it. Traditional fish pies were made with rosewater, sugar, spices and wine. Thankfully, this fish pie isn’t made with any of those ingredients, other than spices!

Fish pies are generally made with a white béchamel sauce derived from the dairy milk in which the fish was poached. I did not find that poaching the tempeh/tofu combination yielded optimum results in terms of flavour and texture (the tempeh/tofu reabsorb the non-dairy milk), but I wanted to remain true to the method and that is why I now boil and infuse the non-dairy milk separately. Recipe after the photos. Serves 4.




For the filling

  • 500ml non-dairy milk (soy or almond)
  • 1…

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