I’m Emi. I grew up outside Napoli, Italy, where food is a religion. My family made everything from scratch. We even roasted our own coffee, which was delivered in enormous burlap sacks and that we kept in a small and incredibly lovely smelling room. I moved to the US when I was 11. I have been living in London since 2001 and I’m a part-time Highlands resident too.

Food is a great medium for learning history, sociology, culture and even science. I am keen on exploring what we consider traditions, their origins and why these should never limit us.

This blog will demonstrate that you can eat delicious food and not harm another for one’s pleasure or convenience. Being vegan is the least I can do for the animals. I owe it to them as a matter of fairness. It does not stop me from eating great food. Quite the contrary! I’ve improved on old methods, discovered new ingredients and a vibrant and inspirational community. It isn’t about what’s “missing”. Vegan cooking is about what’s in it: a wealth of umami-rich ingredients that make deeply satisfying dishes for anyone who likes food and no one gets hurt in the process.

I like making dishes that are manageable and without many specialised ingredients. My favourite sources of inspiration are classic Neapolitan and Italian dishes, many of which are inherently vegan – as in, it’s just food! I also like preparing American and British classics and a few inspired by dishes from far-flung places. Most of the ingredients I use are easy to find in local supermarkets (at least in the UK). Unless they come from the garden or a farm, I buy all my fruits and vegetables from my two local fruit and vegetable shops. I will also share cooking tips and, from time to time, “un-food” related posts.

So, what are you waiting for? Be good to yourself and all fellow animals. You owe it to them.

I have prepared all the dishes (unless otherwise stated) and these are all my photos.  I assert legal and moral copyrights over my written and photographic material.

I love music and I’m an avid gig goer. I had a weekly internet radio alternative/indie music program on North Highland Radio and the archives of that are on my Emi’s Good Listening Page. It’s on indefinite hiatus though!

You will also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where I share lots of different content. I also contribute to Ecorazzi from time to time.




8 replies on “About Me

  1. Love love love your posts. Many of my farm customers are vegans. I am growing a lot of Indian veggies
    this summer and I wish I could do a blog like yours. But alas, I am computer illiterate. Your food looks so yummy! Binhnam

    1. Thank you so much, Binham!! I am so glad you wrote. Please keep me posted about your farm and maybe send me some photos. I might be able to include them here or feature them. I’d love to do that. What you’re doing is inspiring and fantastic (and a lot of hard work). Good on you, my friend!!

  2. Hello! I wondered if I could use your Cock-a-Leekie soup recipe in a round up of recipes I’m doing for St Andrews Day please? I would use the picture but full credit and link back to your site would be included. Thanks!

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