Ice T CMJ In addition to food, I love music. All kinds. Here you will find links to the archived podcasts of my eclectic music programme broadcast on North Highland Radio on Sundays from 20:00-21:00 British time: indie, alternative, world, punk, post-punk, folk, alt-folk, anti-folk, electronica, funk and more. Every now and again, we’ll have guests from Scotland and elsewhere in the UK talking about my two other passions: vegan food and rewilding. Follow Emi’s Good Listening Facebook Page for all updates.

21 December 2014: Live Gigs 2014

28 December 2014: Indi/Alternative Scottish Music

4 January 2015: Indi/Alternative Girl Bands

11 January 2015: New Releases

18 January 2015: The Archives

1 February 2015: New Releases, February Edition

8 February 2015: Covers

1 March 2015: Afrocentric Edition

15 March 2015: March New Releases and Vegan Scottish Tablet

22 March 2015: March Mermaids

29 March 2015: Science

19 April 2015: Recent Live Gigs – Final Show on North Highland Radio

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